Family Fatale

Family Fatale

Family Fatale Ruie Anne Park is the town matriarch of Van Buren, Ark. She rules the town and her family with a sharp tongue and a quick wit, both of which hide a complicated yet tender heart. Her status as the town's first lady starts to crumble when her son, Sam Hugh, begins to use his law practice as a way to pick up troubled young men out of prison. He hosts night after night of parties with these criminals, just yards away from Ruie Ann's home, embarking on a path of self-destruction that leaves him bankrupt and begging his mother for money. Soon Ruie Ann's adopted daughter, Linda, has troubles of her own when she discovers her husband, Howard, is cheating. From the start, Ruie Ann felt that Howard only cared about eventually inheriting the Park wealth. The ensuing fallout opens old wounds, bringing the Park family's dysfunction and secrets to the surface, and leaving Ruie Ann dead.

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