Kind of a Crazy Idea

Kind of a Crazy Idea

When the team responds to a fire at a house, Dawson finds a boy and he's hesitant to go with her but he eventually goes with her. And he refuses to let her go so she goes with him to the hospital and she finds out that he's a foster child and his guardian is seriously injured so he ends up in a state facility and Dawson is worried about him. Severride was nearly trapped in the house because he thought someone was in the house but there wasn't so he tells Boden if they have a new type of mask they can tell if there is someone in a fire. But Boden says the Chief says it's not in the budget, so Casey tries to find a way to get it. Stella and Hermann have a dispute about the ice they use at Molly's. And when Cruz learns about Otis avoiding getting tested, he decides to turn to the one person Otis can't say no to. Written by [email protected]


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