The Jail at Junction Flats

The Jail at Junction Flats

Dandy Jim convinces Bret to partner with him to buy horses for cavalry remounts and Bret learns too late it's just another of Jim's swindles. Worse, Jim steals all Bret's money and leaves him tied up in the wilderness. Bret soon tracks Dandy Jim to a Wyoming town with a long memory - when a notorious outlaw broke out of jail eight years earlier, the town fathers determined to build an escape-proof jail. Now Dandy Jim's behind bars for a crime he didn't commit - for a change - and he refuses to tell Bret where he's hid the money he stole from the gambler unless he breaks him out of jail. Time's short because a lynch mob is beginning to form. Written by David Bassler

  • Duration: 60 min | 51 min (DVD)
  • IMDb: 7.9
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