At 03:06 one morning Deeks receives an unusual phone call from a woman, Jenny, in two of his past lives; she tells about a ring involved in stealing luxury SUVs and shipping them to several places in the Far East for use as paramilitary vehicles in terrorist activities; Callen and company investigate; Jenny disappears. G and Sam check Jenny's minivan while Kensi and Deeks meet Talia, Jenny's estranged daughter; Kensi and Deeks get new jobs, as do G and Sam; Talia later tells what she did not tell at first; Kensi steals a Bimmer, and G chases a bike; Kensi puts on a good show, but she gets into bad trouble; Deeks helps a bit, then he too slips into trouble; G and Sam soon arrive, so the four of them, working together, not only clean up the mess but also get the head man running the overall operation; the team rescue Jenny. Hetty allows the SUVs to proceed to Asia but only after the installation of a number of significant aftermarket capabilities. Written by DocRushing


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