The Chosen One

The Chosen One

An LAPD cop stops a rental van for a noise violation; he asks to see the cargo; the passenger from the van shoots the cop, who shoots and kills the driver, who also falls to the pavement, then the passenger jumps back into the van and speeds away; the dead driver was a Chechen-American with known ties to a terrorist network. Kensi and Deeks start with the rental agency; G and Sam do so with the cop, who survived due to his vest; the dynamic duo directs the fearless foursome to the abandoned van, where they find residue of ammonium nitrate; next they do a stakeout, which produces clues; then, with the help of Kensi and Deeks, G makes a swap and goes undercover; he meets a contact, who takes him to a meeting, where one member of the group executes another; G shares a pizza, writes a letter, and dons a vest of a different type; a woman member of the cell commits suicide; the team figures out everything and rescues G from what would otherwise have become a certain death. Written by DocRushing


All Episodes - S4

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