A video crew, while seeking Bigfoot in a national forest, see Dean, a wanted leftover fugitive terrorist who disappeared in 1973, and who now stumbles in from the brush, collapses onto the ground, and dies of a stab wound; Dean's old organization, the Gun Barrel Party (GBP), has posted a manifesto, in which it declared its intent to reemerge from the shadows to attack institutions of American injustice; because the GBP is a matter of national security, Callen and company investigate. G and Sam visit a federal prison while Kensi and Deeks stroll through a woods, find a cabin, and meet a woman; G and Sam visit a professor, Hale, who says that he's writing a book about the GBP; Kensi and Deeks return to school, where Deeks finds a bomb; G and Sam check Hale's house, where they too find a bomb; Nell tells about missing explosives; Eric figures out who Hale is; G and Sam grab Hale and dynamite; Hale fills them in, the team connect the rest of the dots, and the GBP dies. Written by DocRushing


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