Red: Part One

Red: Part One

During a snowstorm near Moscow, Idaho, a Marine gunnery sergeant accidentally rolls his car; while he calls for help, an unknown pursuer executes him with a pistol; two days previously someone used the same weapon in the same way to kill Rachmed, a vocal Indonesian supporter of radical Islam, suspected of dealing in illegal arms, shot in Los Angeles, California, 1,100 miles away. While Kensi and Deeks seek and find Rachmed's shoes, G and Sam fly to Moscow to join both Granger and the NCIS Red Team, a mobile team based in Georgia. Eric gets a lead, which Kensi and Deeks trace; the bunch in Idaho run into trouble with a snowplow. Eric finds a major clue; Granger sends G and Sam back to LA plus three members of the Red Team; upon arrival they chase bad guys but lose the main one. A man, Roy, arrives as a temporary guy on the Red Team; he shares a history with Paris, the head lady in charge of that team. The Red Team goes to El Centro to trace a lead. [To be continued.] Written by DocRushing


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