Red: Part Two

Red: Part Two

The Callen gang and the Red Team continue to pursue Spears and other bad guys; G and Sam play Ari, who gives the name of Ramirez, a major player in illegal immigration; three members of the Red Team make a roadside meet with two of Ramirez's thugs and overcome them; Paris and her buds check out a house at the Salton Sea, where they find the bodies of Ramirez and 14 others; G and Sam join them; Eric finds the man with a red scarf, who fills in many blanks for Sam and Claire; Hetty realizes that Spears is not the executioner; G and Paris at the same time get into two separate gunfights with two people in two different parts of the same hotel; both G and Paris succeed, although Roy lends a hand to Paris (albeit by disobeying her); the two teams eventually put the pieces together correctly; Hetty tells Granger that they got the whole thing wrong from the outset; the two of them chuckle and lift their glasses together. Written by DocRushing


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