A lieutenant and Naval aviator dies of cyanide poisoning, as does a dancer, at a bikini bar in Oxnard, California, near Los Angeles; a jaygee and back-seat flight officer survives the same incident; Callen and company investigate; the poisoned survivor gives a significant clue; Kensi and Deeks check out the bar and the environs, where Deeks dives a dumpster and finds a syringe; they also find and question the bar's janitor, who's a citizen of Saudi Arabia; within five minutes of one another three people die of heart attacks due to cyanide poisoning in the suburb of Chatsworth; Eric and Nell discover the ideological motivation for the poisonings; Kensi and Deeks find the cyanide, and G and Sam stage a fight; G takes a ride and takes a drink; Sam, Kensi, and Deeks arrive and help; the team round up the bad guys; G reasons with a smart kid, who decides to do right; G sees him again later and offers insight; Hetty arranges a belated April Fool surprise for Deeks. Written by DocRushing


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