Monica becomes the target of an unknown shooter in Hollywood; Deeks, in an undercover role as Max (at the direction of Granger), rescues her; Monica is a hostess at a nightclub, which is a property of a South African who's now a legitimate businessman, but who previously worked as an international dealer in illegal arms. G and Sam visit the club, and Nell identifies the shooter as Pieter, an enforcer from South Africa; G and Sam take a different tack with Pieter, so they meet him and take him to the boathouse; Max has an unusual short-term relationship with Monica, who steals blood diamonds and shows them to Max, then both she and the stones disappear, but Kensi and Deeks find her and them. G and Sam chat with Pieter, who reluctantly talks; Kensi and Deeks chat with Monica, who agrees to cooperate; the team monitor an exchange, minimize the damage, and grab three bad guys; later Kensi and Deeks get something clear. Granger never shows up. Written by DocRushing


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