The Fifth Man

The Fifth Man

An eclectic group of four apparently unassociated men, all invited to a meeting, die in an explosion of an otherwise empty diner in Pasadena, California, in the Los Angeles area; all four took part in a program of the Office of Naval Intelligence, which had recruited high-IQ people to play a strategy game; Mathers, the man in charge of the project, tells G and Sam that a fifth man, Hoffman, did not attend the meeting; at Hoffman's pad Kensi and Deeks find the dead body of someone else while a teenage girl, Astrid, slips away; yet another man dies; the team locate Astrid, and Kensi chats with her on a cellphone; Mathers disappears; the team nab Hoffman, who describes Astrid, then the team figure her out; Nell, while playing a game for Hetty, describes a problem; G and Sam meet an official from the Pentagon; the team find Hoffman and Astrid together, and they finish putting the pieces together, then Kensi gets a new poker partner, and Hetty makes a threesome. Written by DocRushing


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