Out of the Past

Out of the Past

At 03:09 one morning Sam answers a call for help from Frank, a former fellow agent at the CIA; Sam goes to Frank's pad, where he finds him dead of hanging, and where G, Eric, Kensi, and Deeks join him; he also finds a poodle; G and Sam meet Megan, who appears not to be a flight attendant; Megan fills them in; the medical examiner finds and turns over to Sam an encoded message which Frank had intended for Sam, who begins to process it; Kensi and Deeks go to a dog show and cuff a suspect, Robert, whom they question at the boathouse; G and Sam visit his parents; afterward they take part in a gunfight, then they talk more with James, the father, who, after persuasion and compulsion, tells an extreme story and shows evidence; G and Sam figure out more; Sam finds the decoder ring, then Eric decrypts the message, which is a list of names; the team realize the significance of the implications of the results of their work; Hetty calls the FBI. [To be continued.] Written by DocRushing


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