A retired CIA agent, Potter, dies when a cigar lighter explodes at his posh beachfront house in Malibu, California, near Los Angeles; Callen and company investigate because Hetty requests the case; since retiring, three years ago, Potter made much money by advising movie directors and video-game creators, drawing on his experience with the agency. G and Sam, realizing that something is up with Hetty, check out Potter's pad, where they meet Kensi and Deeks, and where they all find interesting clues; G and Sam check out two chicks, one of whom is dead; they chat up the other one, who talks; the foursome find a bad guy but lose him; both Hetty and Granger disappear; G and Sam forge ahead in defiance of official orders; they find another body and a booby trap, and Sam finds an old friend; then G and Sam, along with Kensi and Deeks, find Hetty, Granger, CIA agents, a gunfight, the bad person behind the entire mess, and the explanation for it. Written by DocRushing


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