The Frozen Lake

The Frozen Lake

At the US Naval Support Activity in Bahrain, a masked intruder decapitates a civilian Pentagon consultant, Ron, and steals a flash drive containing the only copy of Ron's operational plan for seizing Pakistan's nuclear arsenal; the drive turns up at a motel in Hollywood. The fearless foursome find action with three Pakistanis but no flash drive; they waste one bad guy; personal emotions effect tactical decisions; the LAPD finds the decapitated body of the second Pakistani; G and Sam catch a runner, who is Thapa, a Ghurka; the gang intervene in a situation at an airstrip, but Thapa and the drive disappear; the problem blossoms into a potential international incident; Deeks puts on a suit, makes a call, and lands in a tough spot; G, Sam, and Kensi shoot their way in, and everything, including Thapa and the drive, works out. Fern and Max meet each other and agree to discuss their thing, then Hetty sends Kensi on a classified mission for an indefinite time. Written by DocRushing


All Episodes - S5

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