War Cries

War Cries

A cop finds two dead bodies in an alley, then the Los Angeles PD calls the Callen team; both victims were former military men and former employees of the private contracting firm linked to the aircraft crash in Burbank (in a previous story) in which a retired vice admiral and his ghostwriter died. While checking the site, G and Sam find a clue, for which Eric finds a connection, who gives a lead, which G and Sam pursue; Kensi, in Afghanistan, smells a mouse; Eric and Nell go flying while Deeks and Granger head into the field, where they catch an intruder; Nell does some nice work on a psycho; Eric and Nell stay in touch with Kensi; the team find the pieces of the puzzle and make sense of them, and the bad guy goes for a plea bargain. Sam and Michelle arrange a meeting, and even Hetty also takes part in the preparations; Sam and Michelle send their regrets, but G attends and meets the other party. Written by DocRushing


All Episodes - S5

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