At the consulate of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in Los Angeles, a man kills the envoy and two security men; Eric identifies the assassin, wearing a distinctive tattoo, as Santos, suspected of several contract executions; the bad guy behind the deaths appears to be Tuhon, with whom G, Sam, and Hetty share a history; Hetty calls in Getz, and she sends G and Sam to Mexico City, where they see old friends (including Tuhon), attend a party, pick up a lead, and take part in a rumble; Deeks and Getz visit the consulate and later nab the killer; Kensi and Sabatino take a ride in Afghanistan, then things turn sour; Santos's physician moves him from a hospital to a private waterfront facility, where Santos talks; G and Sam take Tuhon back to LA and to a safe house, which is unsafe, but it becomes safe again. The team figure it out. Hetty and Tuhon have a good reunion, then he leaves; Getz also leaves. Both Granger and Sabatino insist to Kensi that Sabatino is not the White Ghost. Written by DocRushing


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