Zero Days

Zero Days

While Eric and Ira, a college buddy and a hacker for hire, play an online game from different places, a sniper shoots through one of Ira's windows, thugs break into his pad, and he disappears. Meanwhile Granger in Afghanistan finds Kensi's sat phone, then she chats with a former friend. G and Sam meet Ira, who resists questioning at the shed, but Nell lends her touch; Nell says that Ira found and exploited a weakness in the Russian GPS system, which, in the event of a war, would allow a hacker to divert or redirect Russian missiles; G tells that Ira did his work for a private firm, to which Ira has sent his work product; G, Sam, and Deeks visit the firm; Eric finds the bad guy, so the gang pursue him and a flash drive; they find the man but lose the drive, now in the hands of other bad guys; Nell says that Chechnyan separatists are behind the activity; Eric and Ira cooperate on a roof, and everything works out; Granger contacts Hetty about Kensi. Written by DocRushing


All Episodes - S5

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