One More Chance

One More Chance

Four armed thugs with masks and hoodies enter the lobby of the headquarters of an avionics firm and by threat seize and remove a flash drive containing software; LAPD cops arrive promptly but meet a large challenge; the stolen data pertains to a drone for the US Navy; Callen and company investigate. Jessica, the lead engineer on the drone project is an acquaintance of Sam, who in the past provided security to Jess and her daughter, who is said to live elsewhere temporarily with her father. The escape van yields two clues; Kensi and Deeks check out a trailer, which explodes; the gang find some evidence; Sam suspects a connection between the theft and the absent daughter; Eric finds a video clip; Deeks shines shoes, and G and Sam talk with a driver; Kensi and Deeks shadow Jess, but she ditches them after she sees a message; after a diversion Sam experiences a moment of elucidation, then the team goes to another place, where everything works out. Written by DocRushing


All Episodes - S5

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