During a Marine-sponsored charity-benefit volleyball tournament at Venice Beach, a car bomb explodes, killing two and injuring 29; promptly an aggressive TV reporter, Dana, says on the air that, according to sources, an Iran-based Islamic militant group, the JLF, is responsible for the bomb. One honcho at the DoHS firmly denies that the JLF is responsible; G and Sam lean on Dana, who gives a name; Eric finds another lead; Eric and Nell exchange notes; Kensi and Deeks chat with a man who believes in alien creatures who watch everyone; G and Sam make a productive stop at a car-rental shop; Kensi and Deeks learn some disturbing news; Dana dies, and Sam collars her killer, Bakri Deng, from South Sudan, who first refuses to cooperate; Kensi and Deeks learn about Deng, and Eric and Nell learn even more; G and Sam find the truth and an explanation, then, with Deng's help, they intervene with two other bombs and bombers and neutralize them. The foursome also receive love notes. Written by DocRushing


All Episodes - S5

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