Deeks returns to work and finds a surprise on his desk. Last night in downtown LA Tom, the founder and CEO of a local biotech firm, died in an explosion of his Ferrari; Tom's firm is engaged in research for a vaccine against the ricin poison. In the remains of the car G and Sam find white phosphorus and the trigger of the bomb; Nell learns that an entire shipment of white phosphorus has disappeared in transit; Kensi tows Hetty's Shelby Cobra to a racetrack; G and Sam check out Tom's pad; Deeks sniffs around while Kensi drives a lap in the Cobra; G and Sam meet one of Tom's researchers, whose wife and son the bad guys have kidnapped for an evil ransom; Eric finds an outside investor, who's also a new suspect; G, Sam, and his Challenger catch the new man; Eric says that the bomber is still at large; G and Sam figure it out, then the foursome intercept the bomber; eventually Kensi and Deeks go to dinner. Written by DocRushing


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