Unwritten Rule

Unwritten Rule

In broad daylight three bad guys forcibly abduct Robin, the girlfriend of William, a recently discharged Naval intelligence officer, who specialized in the design of highly classified drone navigation; G and Sam find William in his office, and Nell joins them; a bad guy calls William, so the foursome converge on a building just in time for an explosion; Eric belatedly catches an important clue; William and Oscar, his business associate, make admissions; the foursome rush a rural shack and wipe out the kidnappers, but they do not find Robin, whom Nell then sees at William's office; G and Sam take William and Robin to the boatshed; Eric joins Nell in the field to protect his interest; on G's order Kensi and Deeks shift gears, and they produce; Nell uses a piece of hardware to detain Oscar for G and Sam, who have put the pieces together; the team take the bad actors in custody; all six of the field workers head out for a debriefing over cold beer. Written by DocRushing


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