The Livelong Day

The Livelong Day

In a rail yard in Los Angeles a security guard dies after trespassers place him in the path of a moving train; Hetty expresses concern about an involvement with terrorism; G and Sam check out the site, but a public-relations guy tries to impede their work; Eric and Nell find the names of two suspects, including a recently fired brakeman; Kensi and Deeks meet a PI, find railway stuff and bomb components, then go undercover as investigators for the Federal Railroad Agency and create a diversion; G and Sam visit a motel and trip a bomb; Eric and Nell learn about a hijacked train, and they recognize the man aboard the locomotive; Kensi and Deeks grab one suspect, who, with persuasion, eventually provides a helpful fact; Sam finds a bomb on the track ahead of the speeding train; the team finally solve the puzzle, then they deal with the problem of stopping the train; Sam prevents a huge disaster; afterward Kensi and Deeks nab the man behind the plan. Written by DocRushing


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