At an upscale addiction-rehab villa in Malibu, California, near Los Angeles, the drowned body of Gary, a lieutenant commander in Naval intelligence, shows up, floating face-down in the swimming pool; Gary checked in as a patient three days before; Val, a carpenter and drug dealer, apparently visited him on the day of the death. G and Sam visit the spa, where Sam spots a clue; Kensi and Deeks check out Val at his pad, where they see bizarre behavior; at the boatshed a chat sheds light; an alibi checks out; Kensi and Deeks go undercover at the villa; Eric and Nell find factoids and inconsistencies, and Kensi lends a hand; Deeks gets a lead on a chick, and G and Sam pursue it, get a lead, and chase it; the fearless foursome visit a motel and enter a firestorm; the SecNav expresses much concern about the case and its implications; Kensi recognizes an important clue; the foursome prevent a major tragedy by catching the person in control, then tie up the loose ends. Written by DocRushing


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