Black Wind

Black Wind

When a vehicle crashes outside Camp Pendleton, the guards go out to check it out and they see one of the persons in the vehicle ran away, the other one appears to be sick. Later the team is informed of what happened because the one who is sick has anthrax. They think the person came from Mexico so Sam and Callen are sent there to find out if someone is planning an attack with anthrax. While Kensi and Deeks go to talk to the one in the hospital but he's too weak. They find the other one in the vehicle and learn he's the father of the one in the hospital. He tells them that his son came from Mexico through a tunnel drug runners use. He shows them where it is, if they brings his son's family who are still in Mexico. Kensi and Deeks use it and end up in Mexico and join Sam and Callen. Written by [email protected]


All Episodes - S6

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