Angels & Daemons

Angels & Daemons

A retired Navy tech who worked at the NSA and designed some new software was found dead. They learn that he's been investing his money in various start up businesses. They learn he had a partner whom he had a falling out with and who ended up with nothing. So they go see him and he runs and they catch him. While he doesn't deny he and the man had a fight he didn't kill him. He tells him that his partner discovered a program they made which can be used to gather information is now in the possession of a tech company. They deduce which tech company but still don't have any proof so Callen and Sam go are potential investors and they discover that the company's security chief is not who he says he is. They decide to follow the lawyer of the man they arrested because he was acting funny and when they find him, the lawyer is shot. Kensi deduces that the shot came from the office building of the company so Sam goes to the roof where the shots came from to check it out and finds the security ... Written by [email protected]


All Episodes - S7

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