Revenge Deferred

Revenge Deferred

Sam and Callen are summoned to Africa where Sam is told that info on him and his family are in the possession of a high ranking LRA man who is being hunted. Sam calls Hetty to get them into protection. They know that the info came from the mole in their office. Sam sets out to find how they got the info. Sam learns that the Khaleds are there meaning it's Tahir who is gunning for Sam and his family. Sam finds Tahir and wants him to tell him how he got the info on his family. But Hetty knows Sam is more interested in finding Jada. Granger has Kensi and Deeks talk to Elmslie and ask him if he knows anything. He's very nervous but tells them of a group devoted to helping victims in Sudan. They go there and speak to someone who's from Africa who supposedly was taken by the warlord when he was a boy and forced to be his soldier. When the man in charge shows up he tells them he needs to be careful about what info he gives out. They later approach the African and get him to go with them and ... Written by [email protected]


All Episodes - S7

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