Exchange Rate

Exchange Rate

A Cuban spy who's in custody is about to be exchanged for an American. He's in the custody of Marshalls and is taken to a safe house. He grabs a syringe stashed and injects the Marshall then escapes. The team is tasked with finding him. They start by wondering how the syringe got there. They check on people who had access to the house and they discover one of the maintenance crew is actually Anna Kolchek. They talk to her father, Arkady who claims to not know where she is. Kensi and Deeks look over the man's file and find a lot of inconsistencies. They talk to the prosecutor who admits she was told to process the man as quickly as possible even if it means making stuff up. Callen and Sam find Anna who was wounded by the spy. She says she was hired to get the man away from the Marshalls why she doesn't know. She tells them that she has a meeting with the man, who wants papers to leave the country. She needs Callen to come with her to pose as a Russian official. At the meeting something... Written by [email protected]


All Episodes - S7

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