The Seventh Child

The Seventh Child

When there's an explosion, the FBI asks NCIS to assist them. So Callen and Sam go to where the blast occurred while the rest look at a video before the blast occurred. And they see two boys who appear to be twins running, being followed by some men. The men are identified as terrorists. They think that the boys were the source of the explosion. Callen and Sam arrive and are met by FBI agent Rand who tells them she called them because the explosive used was the same one they helped get a few months ago. Eventually, they identify the boy as the son of an Israeli. They call him and tell them about what happened but he tells them his son is with them and he shows them. So they wonder who are the two boys on the video and why do they look like the Israeli's son. Callen and Sam find the other boy in a water tank, apparently he's hoping the water can deactivate the bomb but he still has the trigger. Callen goes in to talk to him and he believes that he and his brother were deserted by his ... Written by [email protected]


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