DEA Agent Talia Del Campo learns that her partner downloaded some classified info. She confronts him about it and while he doesn't deny it, the only explanation he gives her is that he longer has control over his life. That's when a guard bursts in and shoots the man and Talia kills him. She then calls NCIS and asks for their help. While Kensi and Deeks go to see her, Sam and Callen learn that the man and guard were both vetted by a the same psych firm, the Citadel. Sam and Callen go there pretending to be looking for work and when they take a test Sam passes while Callen tanks it. But Callen is informed there might be something for him. That's when Callen arrests the one he talked to and they get out. Kensi and Deeks see Talia and shortly after they arrive someone shoots at them. They survive and go to talk to the wife of Talia's partner and see if she knows anything. Sam and Callen interrogate the man they brought in and says the Citadel offers the people who fail the test, the ... Written by [email protected]


All Episodes - S7

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