Command & Control

Command & Control

While Callen and Sam are taking it easy someone gives them a phone. Someone then calls them saying that unless they do what he says he will set off a bomb. To prove he's serious he sets one off in front of them. He tells them to dump their phones and go somewhere. Later Eric discovers that their phones have gone dead so he tries to find out what happened to them. He learns about the explosion and informs Granger, who sends Kensi and Deeks to check on it. They start with the messenger who gave them the phone. They go to see him and find him dead. Callen and Sam meet the man and he sends him to rob a some diamonds. Eric and Nell do some digging and they think they find out who the man who is making Callen and Sam do what they are doing is. . Written by [email protected]


All Episodes - S7

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