The Long Goodbye

The Long Goodbye

Jada Khalet, the sister of the Sudanese warlord, Sam got close to, when he went undercover to take her brother down. He would convince her to testify against her brother but when she agreed he didn't see her anymore. She is now about to enter Witness Protection when her transport is attacked. She vanishes. Sam Is told of this and is told to interrogate, one of the men who attacked the transport who was wounded, who is now at the boat shed. Callen and Deeks go to where the attack took place and speak to the Marshall. All he can say is that she was unhappy that her whole life was turned upside down and they, specifically Sam is responsible for that. Callen decides to follow him. He meets with a man who works for both the cartel and Jada's brother. They learn that the ones who attacked the transport work for a drug cartel and the supposed head lives in LA. Noone has ever seen him, so Kensi and DEA agent Del Campo go to a party he throws and meet him. Sam questions the man who knows what ... Written by [email protected]


All Episodes - S7

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